Sunday, March 18, 2012

Chevron Easter Egg Burlee

I am so EGG-cited to show you my newest craft! I get so many great ideas from different places: Pinterest, antique stores, HGTV, and link-up parties! I’ve loved all of the crafters out there that have made these awesome door hangers with burlap, or BURLEES like a lot of them are called ;)

I really wanted something done for Easter, and just happened to have a perfect cut of burlap left over from my Button Cross project. I’ve searched on the web and sooooooo many of these cute burlees are really expensive! So, of course, knowing that I just couldn’t shell out between $30-$50 for one, I had to come up with my very own.

I’ve been falling for chevron ANYTHING lately, so I decided to do my very own burlee Easter egg with a chevron print! Here’s how I did it:

Materials needed:
Your choice of paint, two colors
Sponge paint brush
Floral or painters tape
Small piece of ribbon or wire 6”
1 yard tulle
Hot glue gun, thread, sewing machine

First I had a piece of burlap, when folded in half, came out to about 16” x 21”. I hand drew the shape of an Easter egg on it then cut it out. Then, with some floral tape {painters tape would work really well too}, I started cutting pieces of tape to a length I thought would be good for the chevron print {It did take a couple of times to get the first row right, but then after that, it goes pretty fast}. I was lucky that I had the help of Ms. M to cut the tape for me, then I eye-balled the layout and this is what it looked like:

WHEW! This part did take about 30 minutes to do, but was glad I took the time to get it done right.

Then, with a couple of boxes under the burlap, I started stippling on the pink paint like this:

This is what it looked like when it was all done:

Remove the tape and this is how it will look:

I let it dry overnight………. While that was drying, I figured I’d love to make it a little more personal, so printed out “The Hutchison’s” in a font that I love called BLACK JACK.

And, of course, this part took about 45 minutes to cut out to make a stencil {Did this while watching “Fairly OddParents” with the kids, ‘cause I’m a good Mom like that. Took about 1 ½ episodes! LOL!}. I would recommend maybe taping over the paper with clear packing tape to give the stencil a little more stability before cutting out {just a little helpful hint}, and use small, really sharp scissors if you have them.

Stippled on some pretty dark brown umber paint over this stencil, let it dry for just a little while, then peel off.

For the “stuffing”, I used some tan colored plastic grocery bags! You know, reduce, reuse, recycle! They were the perfect filler. Just sew (or hot glue) around the edges, {be sure to leave some stuffing room}, stuff, then sew or glue shut.

I bought 1 yard of a pretty shimmery brown tulle at Hobby Lobby for .99. Just make into a bow and hot glue to the top of your egg. I added a loop of ribbon to the back to hang on the door. Here’s the finished project………

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I’m sure this will be the first of many burlee’s that will grace my front door!

Y’all be sure to leave a comment! I read each one and would love to hop on over to your blog too!

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  1. Taht egg is darling! Love the HOT pink. How fun =)

    1. Thanks so much :) It was a lot of fun to make......
      Thanks for leaving a comment and coming over to my blog :)

  2. This is SO adorable! I love how you stuffed it for dimension! Thanks so much for sharing this at our link party this week! I can't wait to see what you are up to next!

    Take care,


    1. Thanks so much Trish! :) Thanks for taking the time to come over, take a peek, and leave a comment :)

  3. Adorable! I also use plastic bags to stuff things. Love it : )

    1. Thanks for coming by Toni! Great way to recycle plastic bags, eh? LOL!


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