Friday, March 2, 2012

Dollar Craft ~ Pizza Pan Magnet Board

I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of storage space or places to put important papers. When I do need more of this space, I like things to look purty! This is a great project that is so easy and extremely budget-friendly! All-in-all, I think I spent under $2.00 for this magnet board!!!

Here’s a list of supplies that you’ll need:
1 Pizza Pan (purchased for $1.00 at the Dollar Tree)
1 sheet of 12”x12”scrapbook paper (purchased at HL for .24….1/2 off sale!)
1 pack of Glass Gems
(Purchased for $1.80 {used my 40% coupon at HL}, but you’ll only need about 4-5, so about .05 each)
Decoupage, sponge brush, scissors, ribbon, magnets

I decided to paint my pizza pan in a coordinating color, but you really don’t need to, as most of the pan will be covered by your piece of paper. It only took two coats and 10 minutes to dry inbetween.

I actually went through more trouble than was necessary when it came to making a pattern for the inside circle, so I’ll give you the shortcut that I should have done LOL!. All you need to do is take the paper and push it down and run your fingernails around the grove of the circle (you can see from the picture what I mean). Cut around it, then trace it on to the backside of your paper.

You could actually just use spray adhesive if you have some, but I used the decoupage instead.

You could actually stop here, then go on to make your magnets, but I did decoupage the top of it as well. To be honest, I freaked out a little after I put the decoupage medium on top of the paper, as it started to bubble and wave………but, all I did was take a straight pin and poked holes in the bubbles just a little, then when I woke up the next morning to check on it, the bubbles had gone away!!! YEA {really thought I had messed up, but glad it worked out ok!}

I know my “finished” picture doesn’t show it, but now you could just take your 6000 epoxy (or hot glue)and glue some pretty ribbon to the back of the pan to hang it {I will take pictures of it hanging on my daughters wall, but need to paint her room first}.


I purchased a 2 pound bag of glass gems from my local Hobby Lobby. They were $2.99, but I had my 40% off coupon, making them $1.79. I only used 4 for the magnets, so they came out to around .05 each……plenty left over for more projects! *WINK*

I had 4 pieces of the scrapbook paper left, perfect size for the gems! Sponge on the decoupage to the flat side of the gem, then place on the paper {as you can see, I placed them over a pretty part of the paper}.

It only took about 20 minutes for it to dry, then I cut the paper around the gem. You could decoupage the back if you’d like, but I chose not to.

I plan on getting the stronger, round magnets from the craft store this weekend, but you can cut up all of those free sheet magnets that you get from companies! That would be a great way to recycle those. They are not that strong, but would work in a pinch. Glue the magnets on with the 6000 epoxy and your done! !!!! WhooHOO!!!!


If you like craft fairs, these would be awesome to sell! Very little MULAH goes into one, and the color combos are AH-mazing! I think you’d be able to make a great profit, especially since each one would cost under $2.00 to make. Can you imagine using school colors, and maybe an initial in the middle (great for those vinyl cutting machines!) This would be such a SHWEET and unique birthday present too!

A note or two for ya! The Dollar Tree does sell the large glass gems as well, but the day I was there they were completely sold out. They are about 1 ½” in diameter, so it would be super cute to decoupage PICTURES and give a set to the in-laws {or outlaws, depending LOL!}. Y’all be sure to leave a comment! I read each one and would love to hop on over to your blog too! I'm sharing this decorating idea with the following link-up parties:

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Be sure to go by and see all of the other great ideas for DIY crafting!

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  1. These are so cute. What a great idea. I am stopping in from TheStuffofSuccess. I am also your newest follower - have a great week. Athena

  2. This is so cute! We would love to have you link this up to our party!


  3. This is such a cute and easy craft! Love it!

  4. Great idea!! Love the dollar store!! The pink is wonderful! thank you for sharing at Uncommon! Bonnie ;)


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