Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Paper Napkin Wreath Tutorial

It's amazing what can inspire you. I saw the cutest package of paper napkins at the dollar store about a month ago. Ms. M is getting a total reno of her room (hmmm, do you still call it a reno when you're not knocking down walls and just painting and decorating??? What do you think?) Anywho, when I saw the napkins, I knew I needed to get them, but still wasn't sure what I was going to do with them (yep, I have waaayyyy tooooooo much of that stuff in the house, you know, for future projects!) Well, this time it didn't take me long to know what I was going to do!

Can you say WREATH TIME? All I needed for this project was a pool noodle, scissors, package of napkins and tape. Yep, only 4 ingredients items! {thought I was cooking for a moment!} {Oh, and I did have a rotary cutter, mat and the ruler thingy, but you really don't need them, as long as you have scissors you're good to go!}

The napkins measurements were 13" x 15 3/4". All I did was unfold them from the package, and cut 4" strips (of course, the last one was only 3 3/4"). Then unfolded the strips and cut on the folded line of each one. I had a ton of these when I was done cutting all of them! (No, I'm not gonna do the math right now, too tired, {{{{YAWN}}}). I used every one of the little squares to fill up the pool noodle.

Once I had them all cut, I took the end of my scissors and started making slits in the noodle. I gently pushed the center of the napkin into the hole, and repeated the process until the whole thing was covered ;) Seriously, how easy can it be? Time, maybe just a little, but it will go by fast when you're sitting on the couch watching TV with the Hubs! I guess you could put a little glue on the napkin before you poked it in, but I decided not too.

Right now I decided to put the personalized glass ornament hanging from the top of the wreath for a decoration, but might change it out later. This is just another element that we've added to Ms. M's more 'grown-up' room.

I hope you've enjoyed this easy, easy tutorial! I'd love to hear from you if your visiting :) Comments make me smile!!! Please feel free to follow me on GFC or via Linky Followers! If you have a blog of your own, please leave a comment, as I'd love to follow your blog as well!

QUICK QUESTION FOR ALL OF YOU DIY-ER'S: When you do a room reveal, do you have EVERYTHING done for decorating, or do you show a majority of what's been done, then have new posts for items you've added after the reveal? Thanks so much for your help :)

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  1. How simple is that!!!!

    As far as DIY reveal goes.... I usually give sneak peaks on my facebook page and try to reveal the finished room. Then if I had a project worthy of a post I would show it after the reveal, but I am not opposed to showing it before either. The last reveal I didn't have complete (and still don't), but posted it anyway and asked for advice on how to finish the space. Good luck!! I'm a new follower too!

  2. I LOVE the pool noodle tip! What an inexpensive and creative idea! :) Thank you!

  3. This is super cute! Thanks so much for sharing it with us this week!

    Take care,



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