Monday, February 6, 2012

New Alabama Applique for Kids Tshirts

When I saw this little applique several months ago, I knew I'd have to get it. But then when I did, I realized I didn't have anyone to make it for :( Well, I finally found someone and here it is!

Y'all come on over to my Southern Traditions 2 Store and take a peek. I can get a couple of others, like Auburn, Florida and Georgia. There are different designs with these colleges along with South Carolina, Arkansas and Tennessee.
Thanks so much for looking and ROLL TIDE!!!

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  1. What's nice about funny applique for Kids Tshirts is they usually don't land in your closet unless they're given by someone. And that's what makes them even more special. If you're not comfortable with prints or quotes that seem to make you look funny, don't fret.


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