Saturday, February 4, 2012

Paper Doily Valentines Banner

I've always loved paper doilies! When I was a kid, these were my favorite and totally got me in the mood for Valentines Day!
On a recent trip to the Dollar Tree, I saw these and immediately had to get them! So, for under $2.00, Ms. M and I were able to make a super sweet, adorable, fantastic banner!

For this project, you'll need just one package of paper doilies {they had both white and pink, so had to get both of them. You'll never know when you'll need a paper doily!}, pen, your choice of another color scrapbook paper or felt, elmers glue, plain white paper and a spool of red {or other color} 1/8" ribbon.

First, I had Ms. M trace out the letters we wanted for our saying. She did it free-hand and think she did a wonderful job! After, just cut out each letter

We had a pretty glitter piece of felt that we both thought would look pretty on the white doilies. So all we did was trace them (backwards) on the "un-glittery" side of the felt. Then cut them out.

All we needed to do was glue one of the letters on one doily heart. Because we had two words, Ms. M decided to put a heart in the middle of the words.....great idea {she's so smart! :) We joined the hearts with the ribbon and tied a loose loop with it. Just be careful doing this because the paper doilies are a little delicate ;)

And here we are! We took this picture outside, but this banner is going above our piano for our "pianoscape". We will do a reveal when we get it all decorated :)

We have a couple of other decorating ideas for Valentines Day, so please stay tuned and come back to see what else we've been up to! What decorating are you doing for Valentines Day?

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