Thursday, May 12, 2011

Join me....

On my journey to get healthy :)

I don't know why I've put this off for so long. I've completely let myself go :( I've been looking at a picture of me taken at a family reunion a couple of years ago, and to be honest, I'm so ashamed of what I've become.

I guess when my Dear Husband and I bought a scale a couple of weeks ago, that was the end-all for me. I knew I had gained even more weight, but was so depressed when I actually got on the scale and saw that BIG NUMBER! ARG!

(Oh yea, that's me, the picture of the pig on the scale! LOL!)

Anywho, I'm starting my journey. Do you want to hop on for a ride as well?

I've done Zumba for Wii the last three days, and I can tell you, I'm already noticing a difference.

This is really a VERY FUN, LOW IMPACT, aerobic workout! I love the latin music and the ability to be able to do it AT HOME, with no one laughing at me (ah-hem, my children to be exact!). It's a good thing I can laugh at myself! I've started off gradually (beginner 20 minute workout, Zumba Class), but I've already advanced to the next beginner level (2, instead of 1! LOL!) on my next work out, which will be tomorrow. I've also walked 2 times at night (the long walk, 3.3 miles, will be tonight with a sweet friend of mine!), so I'm mixing things up a bit.

Yes, I'm eating, not starving! I've just made my mind up that the oooey, gooey chocolate and sweets that I love so much are going to be VERY FEW AND FAR BETWEEN! (Although, I'm being a good Mom and eating the two boxes of Whitman's that the kids gave me for Mother's Day, but only 2 pieces a day!) Yoplait yogurt and fruit have taken the place of them. And to be honest, the yogurt, with names like Key Lime Pie, Boston Creme pie, Strawberry Shortcake, Banana pudding (you get the picture), are such a good sweet in itself, that I don't feel like I'm missing out on much!

I weighed myself, took my measurements and have started a journal. Hopefully small baby-steps will help in my overall journey to a healthier me! Come along, we can be good company for each other !:)

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