Saturday, April 28, 2012

What's new......

I've been busy trying to find something new to sell :) Well, I found it!

Curlz font

These hats are all the rage this year for the beach! Cute, floppy, personalized, fashionable, but most importantly, will help keep those damaging UV rays off of your face! I've loved getting a great tan each summer, but now that I'm getting older, I've noticed the damage those rays can do over time. I'm making one of these cuties for me this summer!

Black Jack Font

BoysRGross font

Walter font

Monogram Font

These are also great Derby hats! With the Kentucky Derby coming up next week, then the Preakness and Belmont Steaks (you know you need one for all of those Derby Parties!!!!) you'll be the hit and envy of the event!!

Hmmmm, don't need one for a Derby party? How about to garden in, or a hat to match your game day outfit for your favorite college football team? These would be super cute with a vintage scarf wrapped around it as well.

For now, they come in white, tan, brown, navy and hot pink. Each of these colors are only $20 with your choice of font for the 3 letter monogram. Black is available too, but for $25. Each will ship Priority Mail for $8.00. Please go to my Southern Traditions2 store to order yours! Or, you can just purchase one through here!

Monogram Initials

Be sure to include your intials (first, last, middle) font that you'd like from HERE and thread color. If you have any questions, please either leave a comment or feel free to email me at As always, thanks for coming by to see what I've been up to! Have a BLESSED weekend!

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