Monday, February 21, 2011

Didn't realize sewing was dangerous....

Never had a problem.
September I sewed over, or I should say, through, my finger.
Went right through the nail and to the other side.
Good thing I didn't bleed on the ghost tee I was making!

Then comes yesterday.......
Embroidery scissors.
Extremely pointy and long.
They fall.
They bounce.
Right into a vein in by my ankle.
Blood spurts, looks like a horror movie, I'm the main character.

I hobble into the house, say "ouch", the kids come to my rescue!
Miss M is cleaning up the blood on my kitchen floor and yellowbox flipflops.
Big Poppa is getting me a band-aid and peroxide.
I tell the kids "Thanks", and my son says, "Well, you do it for us all the time!"

Thanks God, for my good kids! They rock :)

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